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“Actions speak louder than words.” But what about the words that are written beautifully. They indeed have a more powerful and soothing impact. If you are looking to bring your dream of having beautiful handwriting in reality, calligraphia is definitely the one-stop solution. Calligraphia is a place for the lovers of art as well as people who would love to improve their handwriting. We, at Calligraphia, work towards making each stroke of pen more beautiful..


About Us

New Delhi-based Calligraphia is an institution for the people who want to master the art of handwriting. Even in the digital times, handwriting remains a major source of expression and what can be better than a letter sent to a loved one in a beautiful handwriting? With a vision to help people improve their handwriting, Calligraphia has been working with people of all age-groups since 2010. Be it a student struggling with the challenge of poor handwriting or a retired person who is passionate about writing beautifully, we work with them all. Starting the first branch in West Patel Nagar, New Delhi, we now have our presence in Rajinder Nagar and look forward to further providing our services in other parts of New Delhi.

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Handwriting Improvement

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  • Complete Course (English, Hindi, and Maths Number Formations)

  • English only (For Legible Writing with good speed

  • Hindi only ( In short, Sulekh)

Hebrew Writings

Advance Calligraphy

Committed to Quality

  • Basic Calligraphy Course

  • Intermediate Calligraphy Course 

  • Advance Calligraphy Course

Duration of the course: Approx 10-15 Classes

(Depending on the speed of the student)

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