The subtle art of writing-right !

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Writing has been a conventional method of expression. Writing is an art form which has been a major breakthrough in the history of human civilization. It is not only a means of keeping records but also tells about the culture and hand lettering plays a major role in it. Feeling something and expressing it are two different wheels that need to work in synchronization to make a balance and writing is one of the effective means of expression. It is in fact not only effective but also creative. Different shades of a person can be well gauged by her writing at different times Handwriting is a process that is a result of our emotions and knowledge. It can reflect the mood of the person. Lettering or good handwriting acts as a mood stimulant, bringing positive emotions and causing the release of the feel-good hormone.

Despite knowing the benefits, we do not know much about the types of handwriting. Handwriting is in itself a huge world of words filled with various forms of creative expression. Some of the most known forms of writing are new American cursive, Zanser-Bloser continuous stroke cursive, italic style, and so on. Writing-right is thus art that can be learned over a period of time. Just like other forms of art, mastering handwriting also requires practice and patience.

Good handwriting also adds an aesthetic flavor to the written work. Well-written words are always more impressive. And more than anything, it brings confidence. It is a great hobby for people of all ages. Writing-right is an underrated talent that only a few people possess.

Well, I am a big-time fan of handwritten communication. No doubt, I still prefer writing my agenda, maintaining a journal, and even writing letters every once in a while to my loved ones. And you know what is better? My beautiful hand-writing. It is a pleasure for me to write for Sonia ma’am... She has helped me improve my handwriting which has made my communication skills even more impactful. Communication, mainly written, touches many lives. Make sure that the next time you communicate well.

Write better to communicate better

With Love


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