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Updated: Apr 13, 2021

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy, and mutual valuing.” Rollo May

It's amazing how communication plays an important role in building social and personal relations. I am sure after reading this line, an image of Pluto Mehra from the movie Dil Dhadakne Do would have crossed your mind. There is a wafer-thin line between communication and miscommunication and whether you accept it or not - it does make all the difference. Communicating your feelings and thoughts is as significant as having them. Without an effective delivery, thoughts remain only as good as “khyaali pulao”.

Communication can be oral or written but what makes written communication the most preferred one is its nature to stay. Who doesn’t love the feeling of butterflies in the belly by thinking of the first time expression of love. And what if I say you can experience that time and again? With written communication, one can re-live such moments. But a lot has changed today... Emails and messages have now replaced the personalized way of writing. Gone are the days when people preferred to write it out. Happily or sadly, we have entered the era of “type it out”. Digital messages are depriving us of the joy of remembering the special ones by their unique handwriting. Digital written communication has made the expression robotic, monotonous style with highly uniform patterns. But what fun is typing ??? What actually brings out the emotions is personalized and stylized fonts, those curvy letters that are made with hands, with utmost love and care. No matter how crooked your handwriting is, writing always has an upper hand, be it an official letter, a love letter, or an examination answer paper.

Now try this out - type something and write the same with your hands - you can feel the difference for yourself. Handwritten communication is as much about emotions as it is about facts. Be it formal or informal communication, handwritten communication lets us retain our individuality. Our handwriting is a subtle component of our personality.

Thus, in a busy and materialistic world, it is more than important to get hold of our sanity by writing it. There is a need for us to spread joy and happiness with each stroke.

Write better to communicate better

With Love


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